Half Moon Deep Tissue Massager
Half Moon Deep Tissue Massager
Half Moon Deep Tissue Massager

Half Moon Deep Tissue Massager

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This firm, durable & textured back and leg roller for deep muscle massage and performing self myofascial release exercises is an essential tool in your training kit to manage spinal alignment and muscle recovery. The textured surface provides deeper muscle massage. It is firm, lightweight, durable and made of eco-friendly, non porous foam. A foam roller helps with elongation, alignment, and recovery as part of your fitness training and overall healthy living. Our high quality eco-friendly foam rollers are firm, durable and textured for deep tissue massage. These exercise foam rollers are excellent for easing joint pain and soreness while improving balance, flexibility, posture and stabilization.

Perfect for spinal alignment using back roller foam to massage latissimus dorsi and relieving muscle tightness using balanced body foam rolling techniques. High density foam roller retains circular shape.

  • All sizes are lightweight and durable with 2 lbs per cubic foot density and smooth polyethylene foam technology designed for precision massaging. Rated 20-30% firmer than most light weight foam rollers.

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Material: PVC
Length: 173cm*61cm
Thickness: 10 mm (Beginner)